How to Brush a Cat / How to Make a Homemade Cat Bed


How to Brush a Cat

Hi, I am Mary Kate, and I am with Furs a Flying Pet Grooming in East Hampton, MA. Today I am going to show you how to brush your cat.

Start With a Comb

So it is best to use a comb first. And you just start at her head, and a lot of times it is best if you hold her right on the scruff. It calms them down, it keeps them calm. And just put a little bit of pressure, and you can just start. And just make sure you press down hard, but not too hard, because you can hurt her.

Comb With the Coat

This is all the undercoat that you want to brush out of her. And you just go with the coat, do not go against the coat. And you can just brush her; keep brushing until you get most of the undercoat out. And it is best if you brush her belly that is where they mat a lot. So if you just hold her by the scruff and flip her over you can brush their bellies.

Comb Under the Armpits

And you really want to make sure you get under their armpits, those are the spots that mat the best, or worst. And just make sure you keep holding her scruff, that will keep her the calmest. And after you use the comb it is best to use a brush to make sure you get all the small mats; the little tiny ones. Make sure to keep holding and pressing down so she can not escape. And then flip her over again; you need to brush her belly.

Brushing Frequency

Cats usually need to be brusher about, if you have a long haired cat, about once a week, and if she tends to mat, cause all cats are different… so if they tend to mat a lot you want to do it probably 2 to 3 times a week just to make sure that they do not mat.

Getting Mats Out

The best way to get a mat out would be to use a comb and make sure you get under it, and kind of like pull up, and that way you could get it out. If they are too close to the skin it is best to shave them or bring them to a groomer to them shave them. Never use scissors to get mats out. A cats skin is very sensitive and it can cut very easily, so try never to use scissors.

Be Careful Around the Ears

Their ears are very sensitive so it is best if you hold her; put two fingers under her chin and one on top and you can just lift her head up and then just brush down. Always brush with the hair, do not brush against it. And you can just keep your hands there to do the back of her head. But be very careful of her ears.

How to Make a Homemade Cat Bed

If you're tired of your kitty taking over your bed, then today I'm going to show you how to make your cat their very own homemade cat bed.

Cat Bed Supplies

For this project, you will need a large flat rate box measuring 12 inches by 12 inches by 5 ½ inches, which can be picked up at your local post office for free, packaging tape, a pair of scissors, an old bath towel, a pillow case, and large safety pins.

Assemble the Box

First, fold the bottom flaps of the box together and use long pieces of packaging tape to secure the flaps to the rest of the box so that the box is now a large cube with flaps open at the top of the box.

Next, use your scissors to remove approximately one inch of cardboard from the edge of the top flaps of the cardboard box, and then fold each of the top flaps on the cardboard box inward so each flap is flush with the sides of the main structure of the box.

Create the Bedding

Once the box is structurally sound, fluff and fold the bath towel and then gently place the bath towel inside the box so that all four sides of the box and the bottom of the box are equally covered with the bath towel.

Next, place the box with the towel in it inside the pillowcase until it has been pushed all the way over to the closed end of the pillowcase on the opposite side of the pillow case opening.

While holding the pillowcase opening with one hand, gently apply pressure to the center of the box opening until the pillowcase forms to the inside contour of the box.

Then, gently fold the sides of the extra length on the pillowcase inward, as though wrapping a package, and finally fold the lower portion of the excess pillowcase upward so that the entire outer cardboard surface edge is covered.

Finally, use several safety pins to secure the top pillowcase fold to the lower pillowcase fold on the side of the cat bed.

Caring for the Cat Bed

Once the cat bed is made, place the cat bed in a location where kitty can comfortably curl up inside the cat bed and rest.

And as an added tip, whenever the cat bed starts to look dirty, remove the safety pins so that you can remove the pillowcase and towel to throw them in the washer, and then you can quickly remake the cat bed again with fresh linens.

And with these handful of items from around the home, your cat will always have a nice clean bed to lounge around in!


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